We present you the full-scale Japanese dance show to glamorously demonstrate the “beauty and harmony of Japan” with a lot of interaction with our audience.

The "REVUE JAPAN - GEISHA & SAMURAI" which foreign visitors to Japan also can enjoy, will be performed publicly limiting to here in OSAKA.
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Good nightlife for family

If you look for an entertainment for your family with boys and girls. REVUE JAPAN is a good choice for you.

“Dotonbori” - the central part of the Great Osaka to showcase the city of the paralleled charm to the ancient capital of Kyoto. In the midst of the area bunraku and kabuki are frequently performed, the “OSK Revue”, the female-only performance group born in Osaka, gives the Japanese dance show for foreign audiences every day. The androgynous actresses dressing up as men show the beautifully choreographed sword battles and dances. Enjoy the wide variety of performances including gorgeous revues by lovely performers in charming kimonos, battles between the sensual spider woman and samurais, the lion dance to drive away the evil, and the experiential dancing which the audiences are invited to join.

Do you know "Keburi"?

Keburi --- Lions are believed to be the lucky creatures to drive away the evil. This dance depicts the doughty state of lions shaking their manes.

Date and TimeUntil Apr24 : 6:00PM(18:00) and 8:00PM(20:00)
After Apr 30 : 8:00PM(20:00)
Please check a program schedule
PlaceKadozaCenter of Dotonbori Street in Nanba, Osaka. read more
Price(Adult/Child)3,500YenAll seats are non-reservation seats.
DurationApproximately 45 minuites.All seats are non-reservation seats.