"GEISHA & SAMURAI" Program Schedule

Tickets for today will start to sell at 60 min prior to the start of the each performance time.
Opening time will be 15 min prior to the start of the each performance time.
In the case of fully booked you may be refused admission.


:10+ seats AVAILABLE|좌석이있다|座位數有|
:Under 10 seats REMAIN, Hurry up!|단몇석|座位數只有幾個|
:Sold Out|매진|賣完了|
BLANC:No stage|공연 없음|沒有表演

오늘의 티켓은 각 공연 시간 시작 60 분전에 판매되기 시작합니다.
개장 시간은 각 공연 시간 시작 15 분 전입니다.
완전히 예약 된 경우 입학을 거부 당할 수 있습니다.


BLANC:공연 없음





DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Apr 30(MON)
2018/May 01(TUE)
2018/May 02(WED)
2018/May 03(THU)
2018/May 04(FRI)
2018/May 05(SAT)
2018/May 06(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/MAY 07(MON)
2018/May 08(TUE)
2018/May 09(WED)
2018/May 10(THU)
2018/May 11(FRI)
2018/May 12(SAT)
2018/May 13(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/MAY 14(MON)
2018/May 15(TUE)
2018/May 16(WED)
2018/May 17(THU)
2018/May 18(FRI)
2018/May 19(SAT)
2018/May 20(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/MAY 21(MON)
2018/May 22(TUE)
2018/May 23(WED)
2018/May 24(THU)
2018/May 25(FRI)
2018/May 26(SAT)
2018/May 27(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/MAY 28(MON)
2018/May 29(TUE)
2018/May 30(WED)
2018/May 31(THU)
2018/Jun 01(FRI)
2018/Jun 02(SAT)
2018/Jun 03(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Jun 04(MON)
2018/Jun 05(TUE)
2018/Jun 06(WED)
2018/Jun 07(THU)
2018/Jun 08(FRI)
2018/Jun 09(SAT)
2018/Jun 10(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Jun 11(MON)
2018/Jun 12(TUE)
2018/Jun 13(WED)
2018/Jun 14(THU)
2018/Jun 15(FRI)
2018/Jun 16(SAT)
2018/Jun 17(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Jun 18(MON)
2018/Jun 19(TUE)
2018/Jun 20(WED)
2018/Jun 21(THU)
2018/Jun 22(FRI)
2018/Jun 23(SAT)
2018/Jun 24(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Jun 25(MON)
2018/Jun 26(TUE)
2018/Jun 27(WED)
2018/Jun 28(THU)
2018/Jun 29(FRI)
2018/Jun 30(SAT)
2018/Jul 01(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Jul 02(MON)
2018/Jul 03(TUE)
2018/Jul 04(WED)
2018/Jul 05(THU)
2018/Jul 06(FRI)
2018/Jul 07(SAT)
2018/Jul 08(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Jul 09(MON)
2018/Jul 10(TUE)
2018/Jul 11(WED)
2018/Jul 12(THU)
2018/Jul 13(FRI)
2018/Jul 14(SAT)
2018/Jul 15(SUN)
DATE 6:00PM(18:00) 8:00PM(20:00)
2018/Jul 16(MON)
2018/Jul 17(TUE)
2018/Jul 18(WED)
2018/Jul 19(THU)
2018/Jul 20(FRI)
2018/Jul 21(SAT)
2018/Jul 22(SUN)