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Program time table

The performance will be on every Tuesday and Thursday and the first and third Saturdays from 19:30 until the end of December 2019. However it may be canceled due to private performance. Please ask us by phone for the detailed schedule of the performance.

Tickets for today will start to sell at 30 min prior to the start of the each performance time.
Opening time will be 30 min prior to the start of the each performance time.
In the case of fully booked you may be refused admission.

공연은 매주 화요일과 목요일과 19:30부터 2019 년 12 월 말까지의 첫 번째와 세 번째 토요일에 진행됩니다. 자세한 실적 일정은 이메일로 문의하십시오.

오늘의 티켓은 각 공연 시간 시작 30 분전에 판매되기 시작합니다.
개장 시간은 각 공연 시간 시작 30 분 전입니다.
완전히 예약 된 경우 입학을 거부 당할 수 있습니다.

至2019年12月底為止,每週週二、週四,以及第一、三個週六19:30起上演。 由於私人表演,此劇可能會被取消。詳細的演出日期請洽事務局以通過電話洽詢。


この公演は2019年12月末まで、毎週火曜・木曜日と第1および第3土曜日の19:30より上演しております。 貸切公演等により、上演が中止となることもあります。 詳しくは事務局まで、電話等にてお問合せください。



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2019/Jul 01(MON)
2019/Jul 02(TUE)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Jul 03(WED)
2019/Jul 04(THU)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Jul 05(FRI)
2019/Jul 06(SAT)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Jul 07(SUN)
2019/Jul 08(MON)
2019/Jul 09(TUE)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Jul 10(WED)
2019/Jul 11(THU)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Jul 12(FRI)
2019/Jul 13(SAT)
2019/Jul 14(SUN)
2019/Jul 15(MON)
2019/Jul 16(TUE)
2019/Jul 17(WED)
2019/Jul 18(THU)
2019/Jul 19(FRI)
2019/Jul 20(SAT)
2019/Jul 21(SUN)
2019/Jul 22(MON)
2019/Jul 23(TUE)
2019/Jul 24(WED)
2019/Jul 25(THU)
2019/Jul 26(FRI)
2019/Jul 27(SAT)
2019/Jul 28(SUN)
2019/Jul 29(MON)
2019/Jul 30(TUE)
2019/Jul 31(WED)

2019/Aug 01(THU)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 02(FRI)
2019/Aug 03(SAT)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 04(SUN)
2019/Aug 05(MON)
2019/Aug 06(TUE)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 07(WED)
2019/Aug 08(THU)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 09(FRI)
2019/Aug 10(SAT)
2019/Aug 11(SUN)
2019/Aug 12(MON)
2019/Aug 13(TUE)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 14(WED)
2019/Aug 15(THU)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 16(FRI)
2019/Aug 17(SAT)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 18(SUN)
2019/Aug 19(MON)
2019/Aug 20(TUE)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 21(WED)
2019/Aug 22(THU)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 23(FRI)
2019/Aug 24(SAT)
2019/Aug 25(SUN)
2019/Aug 26(MON)
2019/Aug 27(TUE)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 28(WED)
2019/Aug 29(THU)7:30PM Geisha&Samurai
2019/Aug 30(FRI)
2019/Aug 31(SAT)