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What is a REVUE


Girls play Cool Guy with amazing costume.

Many fans love the worlds of the entertainment show with all-female casts. One of the reasons why the OSK Revue fascinates fans is a cool "Otoko Yaku" and honey "Musume Yaku". The Otoko yaku makes fans seem "cooler" than real guys.

Revue is a good entertainment show for Nightlife of Osaka.

What do you want to do traveling in Osaka? Shopping? Having Japanese foods? Visiting castle or skyscrapers? It is also important to feel the silence and spirituality like Zen and the tea ceremony...
And, we strongly recommend you to enjoy the night life brightly and happy with dance and songs. Revue Japan presents you to enjoy amazing night life in Osaka.

Otoko Yaku - Male Character

Card image cap

Otoko Yaku with Samurai Costume

In a girl opera, it refers to a troupe member and a woman is wearing a male dress and plays a male role . Unlike a male plays a male role, a male character is full of neutrality, splendor and elegance, it is an indispensable presence to the stage of dreams.

Musume Yaku - Daughter Character

Musume Yaku wearing Kimono

Musume Yaku wearing Kimono

In a girl opera, it refers to a troupe member of a theater who plays the role of a heroine or a woman. It is an adorable and neat woman's role and is an indispensable presence to the pretty scene of opera, A role was also born that plays an independent female image along with the times.

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